Battle of Port Arthur 8–9 February 1904
bulletOrders of battle
Wiki Japanese block print of an attack on Port Arthur. (11 Nov 13)

Glasgow Torpedo boats the Hayatori and the Asagiri attacking a Russian ship at Port Arthur. (11 Nov 13)

UTex Port Arthur and environs from Guides Madrolle, 1912.

Wiki 1904 print of the surprise naval assault on the Russian fleet at the Battle of Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese War. (11 Nov 13)

  Orders of battle
From Wikipedia's The Battle of Port Arthur:
...the 1st Division of the Combined [Japanese] Fleet, consisting of the six pre-dreadnought battleships Hatsuse, Shikishima, Asahi, Fuji, and Yashima, led by the flagship Mikasa, and the 2nd Division, consisting of the armored cruisers Iwate, Azuma, Izumo, Yakumo, and Tokiwa. ...accompanied by some 15 destroyers and around 20 smaller torpedo boats. In reserve were the cruisers Kasagi, Chitose, Takasago, and Yoshino.

[...] On the Russian side, Admiral Stark had the pre-dreadnought battleships Petropavlovsk, Sevastopol, Peresvet, Pobeda, Poltava, Tsesarevich, and Retvizan, supported by the protected cruisers Pallada, Diana, Askold, Novik, and Boyarin...

Wikipedia (10 Nov 13)

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