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  Be prepared
"Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum" - Flavius Vegetius Renatus AD 378

Whoever desires peace should prepare for war.

A quick game after dinner...
"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" - Alexander Pope

This game was born of the desire to set-up and play a 'quick' naval wargame that retains depth and fidelity to detail regarding relative capabilities of the respective navies.

The Steel Fleet mission
What we're hoping to achieve with this game:
To provide balance, encourage fidelity to tactical doctrine and restore playability to tabletop naval miniatures gaming with a straightforward set of rules, including tables, record sheets and markers, which requires no written record keeping, while remaining true to the original ethos of naval wargaming, faithfully invoking various ships and weapons in technical detail and simulating command, manoeuvre and naval artillery and armour in surface gunnery combat.
Yeah, doesn't sound quite so easy when you put it that way.

2D61 Per battery
One 2D6 per battery per turn is rolled for gunnery hits; these are then applied as HE or AP to respective damage tables with a 1D6 roll per hit. The basic gunnery rule can be summarised as follows:

Players may fire eligible batteries once each at a single enemy target in any combat round, applying combat results immediately.

We will be adding to these notes in future.

A Note on optional rules
Optional rules are just that, optional. They are neither the designer's nor the editor's wish list nor the logical tournament rules. They are just a set of additional rules that have been left out largely on the grounds of usefulness versus playability. Some of them you might play with always and others might be appropriate to a particular scenario; a hasty night attack might use, say, 'on the spot' or 'close call.' Use them sparingly and they can enhance the game without burdening it too much.

Though it is ultimately up the players it is tempting to suggest that the scenario designer might also stipulate optional rules for specific scenarios.

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Shaun Appleby 03 August 2014

1 Two six-sided die rolled and totalled together.

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