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  Steelpunk in the murk
Many Nordsee encounters both real and hypothetical, are a serious challenge to the naval wargamer. The decisions that determine victory or defeat are interwoven with deciding factors of awkward command, indifferent intelligence, poor communication and obstructive, variable and vexing visibility and weather conditions which seriously affected outcomes for all concerned.

Under what circumstances does an unannounced ally arriving where an enemy is expected, essentially inverted situational awareness, constrain or compel command? How is this translated to the tabletop? What mechanism can simulate allowing an enemy to escape into the murk because she resembles a friendly class of cruiser?  No easy answers here yet.

Heligoland Bight 1914
An exceptional battle, Heligoland Bight in 1914 was an anachronistic pastiche of daring, imprudent strategy, inadequate staff work, miscommunication, misidentification and luck, both good and ill. A victory for the Royal Navy but a disastrous psychological defeat for the Admirals of the Kaiserliche whom henceforth must gain Wilhelm's grudging permission before setting sail in strength.

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Shaun Appleby 03 August 2014

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