Steel Fleet   The Great War 1914-18
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Coronel and the Falkland Island, Hilditch, A Neville, 1915 Internet Archive (4 Jul 14)
A pamphlet published soon after the battle.


Internet Archive “Iron Duke” Brassey's Annual 1915 (26 Jun 14)

Orders of battle
Battle of Dogger Bank 24 Jan 1915
From Wikipedia's Battle of Dogger Bank:

1st Battlecruiser Squadron: HMS Lion, Tiger and Princess Royal

2nd Battlecruiser Squadron: HMS New Zealand and Indomitable

1st Light Cruiser Squadron: HMS Southampton, Birmingham, Lowestoft, and Nottingham

Harwich Force
: three light cruisers HMS Aurora, Arethusa, Undaunted and 35 destroyers

1st Scouting Group: SMS Seydlitz, Moltke, Derfflinger and Blücher

2nd Scouting Group: SMS Kolberg, Stralsund, Rostock, and Graudenz

Two flotillas of 18 torpedo boats combined

Wiki (10 Nov 13)

  Charts and maps

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Internet Archive Jutland battle-cruiser action 3:15-3:30, Nvl Oprtns Vol 3, p 329

Gutenberg The approaches to Constantinople, A History of Sea Power, p 375

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