Steel Fleet   First Sino-Japanese War 1894-95
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The Japan-China War: the Naval Battle of Haiyang, Inouye, Jukichi, 1895 Internet Archive (26 Jun 14)
A biased but detailed account of the battle of the Yalu ("naval battle of Hai-Yang Island" to Inouye) on pp 164-185 with an order of battle table, contemporary illustrations of some of the vessels involved and a maneuver track diagram of the course of the battle.

Internet Archive Chinese cruiser Lai-Yuen from The Japan-China War 1894

There are, however, some telling reveals of the author's sympathies, such as this complaint over conflicting claims at the battle of Pungdo:

The Chinese say the Japanese fired first, but the Tsi-yuen fought so well that a Japanese man-of-war was obliged to hoist the white flag, and only the arrival of other vessels saved her from capture. Further details were also added, that a shot had demolished the bridge, killing the Japanese admiral, who was seen to turn several somersaults in the air. This account is contradicted by the fact that several Europeans saw the Tsi-yuen running away with a white and Japanese flag. Unfortunately Chinese military and naval officers are obliged to spread exaggerated reports to please the taste of the majority of the nation, who are thoroughly ignorant of military matters, and would not be satisfied with the plain recital of the most heroic action...
Nonetheless a largely readable account by a clearly enthusiastic and 'modern' author who evidences considerable interest in the naval aspects of his subject.

The War in the East: Japan, China, and Corea, White, Trumbull, 1895
Internet Archive (26 Jun 14)
A contemporary, mostly military, account of the war for the general reader.

The China-Japan War, Vladimir, 1896
Internet Archive (26 Jun 14)
An anonymous account by a purported Russian diplomat.

A Concise History of the War Between Japan and China, Inouye, Jukichi, 1895 Internet Archive (26 Jun 14)
An abbreviated edition of Inouye's Japan-China War account.

MIT “Our Forces’ Great Victory in the Battle of the Yellow Sea - First Illustration” Ukiyoe nishiki-e woodblock print by Kobayashi Kiyochika Inoue Kichijirô of the Yalu battle, October 1894 - Sharf Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (26 Jun 14)

MIT “Great Japanese Naval Victory off Haiyang Island” print by Nakamura Shūkō, 1894 (26 Jun 14)

Orders of battle
Battle of Pungdo 25 Jul 1894
From Wikipedia's Battle of Pungdo:
According to Japanese records, at 0700 on 25 July, the Japanese cruisers Yoshino, Naniwa and Akitsushima, which had been patrolling in the Yellow Sea off of Asan, encountered the Chinese cruiser Jiyuan, and gunboat Kwang-yi. These vessels had steamed out of Asan in order to meet another Chinese gunboat, the Tsao-kiang, which was convoying the transport Kowshing toward Asan.

Wiki (10 Nov 13)

Battle of the Yalu 17 Sep 1894

Internet Archive The Japan-China War p168 1894 (26 Jun 14)

  Charts and maps

Sino-Japanese The Yellow Sea at time of First Sino-Japanese war

Internet Archive Battle of the Yalu maneuver track 17 September 1894

Gutenberg Battle of the Yalu 17 September 1894

NMO McGiffin's map of the battle as it appeared in Century Magazine; note the inverted orientation of the map with North and the mouth of the Yalu River at bottom. (29 Jun 14)

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