Steel Fleet   Battle of the Falkland Islands  8 December 1914    
    Gutenberg Battle of the Falkland Islands, A History of Sea Power, p 364
No sooner has word of the defeat at Coronel reached the Admiralty than a new command is created around the powerful battlecruisers HMS Invincible and Inflexible which then join the hunt for von Spee's East Asia Squadron; after an essential but brief dockyard visit they both hasten to the South Atlantic bearing the flag of Vice Admiral Sturdee.

Again lack of strategic reconnaissance hinders both sides but Sturdee's new command comfortably outruns, outranges and overpowers von Spee's.

Von Spee, eager for coal and perhaps increasingly doubtful of chartered colliers, acts on outdated intelligence suggesting Port Stanley is unoccupied and her coal stores unprotected. He shows up just as Sturdee's fleet is coaling. Realising the situation von Spee flees, Sturdee's battlecruisers slowly get up steam for pursuit. After a long stern chase von Spee is overtaken and turns to accept battle; both his armoured cruisers are pounded into flaming wrecks and sunk with great loss. British armoured cruiser HMS Kent corners and sinks SMS Nrnberg; HMS Cornwall and Glasgow halt and sink the fleeing SMS Leipzig. The light cruiser SMS Dresden alone escapes.

Wiki Battle of Ulsan The Vladivostok Cruiser Squadron gets caught out and narrowly escapes destruction at the hands of  Kamimura's armoured cruisers.
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