Steel Fleet   Battle of Coronel 1 November 1914
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  Editor's choice
Pitt, Barrie, Coronel and Falkland, Cassel, 1960

Hirst, Lloyd, Coronel and After, Peter Davies, 1934

Hough, Richard, The Pursuit of Admiral von Spee, Allen and Unwin, 1969

A charming website by Joan Veronica Robertson which includes some interesting references to the burial of the corpses of British seamen recovered locally after the battle. Apparently her father was the responsible Acting British Consul in Concepción in the 1960s when the repatriation of the sailors' remains was undertaken.


Internet Archive“Scharnhorst” Jane's Annual 1914 (26 Jul 14)

Order of battle
From Wikipedia's The Battle of Coronel:

Royal Navy
...the armoured cruisers HMS Good Hope (Cradock's flagship), and HMS Monmouth, the modern light cruiser HMS Glasgow... [the armed merchant ship AMC Otranto...] HMS Canopus.

Kaiserliche Marine
...the armoured cruisers SMS Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the light cruisers SMS Dresden, Leipzig and Nürnberg.

Wikipedia (10 Jul 14)

  Charts and maps
Steel Fleet Chart showing squadron of von Spee, Nvl Oprtns, Vol 2, Chart 14

Steel Fleet Coronel November 1st 1914, Nvl Oprtns, Vol 2, Chart 15

Gutenberg Admiral von Spee's Movements, A History of Sea Power, p 362

Gutenberg Battle of Coronel, A History of Sea Power, p 360

Please note charts 14 and 15 are
originally from the portfolio Naval Operations Vol I (Maps) accompanying the first volume of History of the Great War based on official documents, by direction of the Historical section of the Committee of Imperial Defence Naval Operations: Vol 1, to the Battle of the Falklands, Sir Julian S Corbett, originally published by Longman, Greens and Co, London, 1920.

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